Litter Registration #_______________________ Price : _______________ Sex:______________ 

D.O.B. : ________________ Date of Possession: ________________ Color :_______________________ 

Sire: ____________________________________Dam:_________________________________________ 

Please read the following agreement. If you have any questions, please ask for clarification. To the best of my knowledge this puppy is in good health at the time of pick-up. The buyer has three days to have the puppy vet checked. If a licensed veterinarian discovers the puppy to be unsound, it can be returned for a refund of the purchase price, or a replacement with another puppy of equal or greater value. Either one will be at the breeders discretion. This is provided the puppy is returned within the three-day period and is accompanied by a letter from the examining veterinarian stating in what respect the puppy is unsound. INITIAL_______ 

This guarantee is void should the buyer fail to have the puppy examined within the three day period. Ear cropping is not a part of this guarantee and will not be refunded. Breeder will not replace or refund for any reason but not limited to allergy, mortality, landlord's disapproval, disagreement of family or any other problems not related to health. No warranty for a puppy's illness caused by neglect, exposure to weather, injury, choking, poisoning, etc. No warranty or guarantee is made to the disposition, life-span, size, color,or show quality, Breeder will not be liable for any expenses including but not limited to any veterinary bills or other expenses. INITIAL______ 

Should a licensed veterinarian diagnose the puppy with a life threatening genetic defect, having been there from birth, the Breeder will refund or replace the puppy, limited to one year from the date of purchase. No refund or replacement will at any time be made on a deceased puppy until an autopsy is performed to determine cause of death. Such an autopsy must be performed by an accredited institution. Autopsies performed by a local veterinarian will not be accepted. All expenses will be paid by the owner of the pup. The autopsy will accompany any request for replacement or refund. INITIAL_______ 

Retained testicles, over or under bites and hernias are excluded from this guarantee. The buyer must contact the breeder immediately upon discovery of a life threatening genetic defect. Any delay in doing so, voids this guarantee. The breeder at this time has the option of replacing or refunding the purchase of this puppy. The breeder also has the right to have the puppy examined by her veterinarian. This guarantee is null and void upon any evidence of abuse or neglect, or if the buyer fails to maintain annual check ups with a qualified veterinarian. Proof of said maintenance must be furnished upon request of breeder. INITIAL_____

Hemlock Schnauzers advises close supervision in regards to over-vaccination of our pups. If you give the vaccination for Leptospirosis, Corona, or Giardia, this contract will be void. Yearly boosters are not necessary. A titer blood test should be done to see if the dog requires a booster. Note: the Lyme Vaccine does not prevent Lyme Disease. INITIAL_____

This dog has been sold as pet stock only with sale subject to the signing of a American Kennel Club non-breeding agreement in the form of a limited registration form that will be checked by breeder. Breeding this dog is in contravention and will be a breach of contract. INITIAL______

No guarantee is given for internal parasites, coccidiosis,or giardia. These parasites are all too common to pups. Your puppy has been wormed at four & six weeks of age. It is your responsibility to continue to worm your puppy and check for parasites. No guarantee is given for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This condition is not hereditary and is very preventable. No guarantee is given against viral warts they can be commonly found in dog parks, doggy daycare, dog shows, and agility events or where any dogs congregate. This guarantee is non-transferable. Vaccination schedules must be no less than four weeks apart for a series of three. Rabies vaccines cannot be administered before 16 weeks of age. If you allow your veterinarian to do any of these procedures too early, your guarantee is void. Hypoglycemia is not genetic and is not covered under this guarantee. Hemlock Schnauzers has supplied you with an informational sheet on the prevention of Hypoglycemia. INITIAL______

I, AS THE BUYER, OR HIS/HER REPRESENTATIVE, OF THIS PUPPY, HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO THE ABOVE GUARANTEE. Acceptance of this puppy or puppies constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

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