Hi Kathy,

Chris and I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that Franklin (our 
puppy) is settling in so well. He is such a sweet boy. He is so relaxed and 
snuggles with everyone. He is very friendly and so far a great listener. He 
loves to play and nap! So far, there haven't been any accidents and he lets us 
know when he needs to go -- and we listen.  

Per your suggestion, we are using a crate for nighttime and if we go anywhere.  
We also used your clap and no growl if he whines. He actually doesn't whine 
very much at all and once we clap, he stops.  

All in all, we are all in love with him and he is a perfect addition to our 

We credit you for his wonderful attachment and his disposition. He has been so 
well cared for and it shows. The vet loved him and said he was so healthy; just 
perfect. She also was happy to follow all of your recommendations as well. 

Here are a few pictures for you. Thank you again for taking such wonderful care 
of your dogs and picking the perfect boy for us.  

All the best,

Hi Kathy,
  I know that Judy has been in touch with you and sent you news of Otto.  I just wanted to add to her emails and tell you how much we love Otto.  Otto is a lovely, well-behaved, adorable puppy.  Judy and I know that he’s the best puppy in Williamstown.  We love him.
  Otto is calm, well balanced and full of personality.  He truly is a credit to you.  His mothers, canine and human, did a wonderful job raising him.  I just hope that Judy and I can continue your good work.  We will try.  
  Judy is a good parent.  I’m a big softy.  But, I’ll try to be firm and complement Judy’s good work.
  I’m enclosing some photos.
  Have a wonderful summer and good luck with the coming litters.  I hope your back is feeling better.
  Thanks for your hospitality several Sundays ago.  Judy and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Hemlock Kennels.
All the best,
p.s.  What a coincidence.   I was showing off Otto’s pictures at the Berkshire Juvenile Courthouse where I work.  Cheryl, a lovely person, who works as a clerk, told me that she’s planning to contact you about a puppy.  
Hi Kathy,
Just wanted to thank you again for the most perfect puppy.  The Vet was thrilled with her and so was everyone that came into Central Animal Hospital.  I think I lucked out with my Vet because she took a copy of your suggestions and will keep it in KiKi's file.
Thanks again,
Hi! Kathy,

Just had to let you know that Gracie met with the vet yesterday, 8/11, and she passed the exam with flying colors. The vet is perfectly fine with your vaccination protocol and we’re planning to use that schedule.

Gracie stayed in my arms the entire 3-hour ride home to Mansfield and has adjusted to her new forever home like a champ! (or maybe I should say, “Queen”.) Everyone who has met her has fallen in love with her and she’s doing very well with crate training and pee/poop duties. No shaking on the ride home for this gal, she’s eating and drinking really well with no loose stools, etc. We’re already seeing glimpses of her personality and she’s such a love – she loves her new toys; plays hard and then crashes in our arms! We both “hate” that!

I was thinking this weekend a lot about the Lyme vaccine and how I wish I hadn’t given it to my previous dog. In addition to using Frontline Plus on Gracie, I use beneficial nematodes on my lawn in the early spring which keeps the flea and tick population in my backyard under control – this is a totally organic means to control lots of soil borne pests and thought you might want to look into the benefits of beneficial nematodes as another tool to combat ticks/Lyme disease in addition to Frontline. (I cringe at the sheer numbers of homeowners who are still putting synthetic chemicals on their lawns and aren’t aware that there are safe alternatives.) Check out this website: www.gardensalive.com

I’ve attached a photo of Gracie with our grandson, Tommy, that I thought you might enjoy. Don’t worry, we’re making these introductions in a quiet, controlled and safe manner and she seems to love everyone she meets.

Thanks again for all the information you provided to Tom and I. Aside from a 2:00 am and 4:00 am pee/poop call, we’re managing very nicely! 

Best wishes,
Hi Kathy & Steve,

We are all soooo in Love!!, Deacon is just a wonderful, affectionate, funny, happy puppy :-)   I feel he has already settled in with us.  Spencer had a great day off from school with him yesterday, eating, sleeping, playing, pooping, etc. have all been going good.  Vet apt. also went great - we can't thank you enough.

Susan, Russ, Spencer & Matthew Akerman

  I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for choosing the perfect do for our family. Griffin is so great. You were right, all he wants to do is be with us no matter where we are or what we are doing. He loves to be outside playing as well as sleeping on the couch and snuggling. And the most important thing is he adores our daughter Lyla! They are best buds already. She takes him out and feeds him and she kisses him good night every night and tells him to have sweet dreams. Griffin has grown so much already. He is 14 lbs now and has learned how to sit and come. He is such a smart boy. We can’t wait for the nice weather so we can spend a lot more time outside with him and teach him many more tricks. He is such a great dog and we are so happy that he is a part of our family! I have attached some pictures for you to see how he is doing. Thank you again. 

Jessica & family

Griffin is a Gabby/Finnigan pup
May 2011
Dear Kathy
Thank you for allowing us to be Oliver’s Humans. He is such a delight and a gem. Oliver is so smart, and is learning the rules of the house very quickly. I know that Oliver will hold a special place in your heart, but as I have mentioned before you will always know of his adventures.
Oliver is adjusting very well and we all love him immensely. We mean it “IMMENSELY” – your weekly updates allowed us to enjoy him before we even got to know him.
Again, thank you for being a caring and knowledgeable Breeder. We will keep in touch.
Oliver, Jenny, Ervy, Krystal and Samantha

Hi Kathy,
We just wanted to send you some photos my friend took a couple of months ago.  She is opening a photography studio and used Dexter as a model.  He is very photogenic and will be appearing on her website.
Dexter has been so much fun for our family.  He's quite engaging and loves being around us as you had said.  A great companion.  Aside from laying in our laps and snoozing he loves to have his tummy tickled. He's full of energy and likes to go running with our daughter.  It's really funny to watch him try to keep up with her and sometimes he just hops- all 4 paws off the ground.  Mike and I like going for hikes in the woods with Dexter.  
We've taken him to puppy and basic obedience classes and just finished Loose Leash Walking classes.  The instructor suggested I take advantage of his natural desire to sniff the ground and enroll him in K9 scent work classes when he is a bit older.  He also is really good at "dancing" to get a treat.  
Everyone loves Dexter.  He's a favorite at the Pet Smart doggie day camp  and their grooming salon cuz he really likes playing with the other dogs and is so friendly with the staff.  A really outgoing kinda guy.  
So thanks for the work you did to send us home with such a love bundle. We can't imagine not having him in our lives.
The Nelsons
Mike, Virginia & Anya 
Hi Kathy,

Happy New Year from Grover and the Wicks family! We would like to let you know that since we brought him home in May, Grover has added such joy to our lives. He graduated from puppy kindergarten at the top of his class and has continued his quick learning ever since. He is extremely social and charms all the people and dogs he meets. Everyone comments on how handsome he is and how well he behaves. I've included some pictures of our favorite baby shot of Grover and two more recent ones of what he looks like now. We are very proud of him and love him so much that we wanted to let you know how well he is doing! We hope things are going well for you also and that you have a great 2015.

Stephanie, Justin, and Grover Wicks  
  Kathy, Hope all is well, attached is an updated pic of Gracie. I wish I had a dollar for every compliment she gets. Still the envy of the Englewood Dog Park.


  Happy New Year, Mark & Wanda 

Hi Kathy!
We got our dog Bosco from you a couple years ago. Since then, I got a job working on the Weekend Today Show on NBC. Bosco made her debut TV appearance in February and I thought you'd like to see it! Here's the link:
Feel free to add the link to your website if you'd like! We absolutely love her. Since we've move to NYC, we walk her around Central Park every single day. They have off-leash before 9am and she's so well behaved and loves playing with all the other dogs. People always comment on how beautiful she is and how amazing her eyes are. We always speak so highly of you whenever someone asks where we got her!
I hope you're well and are enjoying the nicer weather we're finally getting :)

Dylan Dreyer


I can't thank you enough. This little girl turns 1 year old tomorrow. She has given me so much joy, so many laughs, a new best friend and sister to my Standard Moses, a mascot at work and a part of my family I wouldn't trade for the world. She is perfect. Thank you for being a responsible and impeccable breeder and nurturing her through those first few weeks. I couldn't be happier with this pup!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Kelly, MayBee and Moses

Hi Kathy!
  I wanted to send you some recent pictures of Oscar! He has been with me now 
for just over two years and I simply love him to pieces! He is just the sweetest 
and most laid back puppy! And a big time snuggler! 

He has truly changed my life and I cannot imagine my life with out him!

Hope all is well happy new year! Stay warm!

Susie Morales
Hi Kathy,

I wanted you to know that Robbie is a healthy, bright, energetic little guy who
has proven to be a great companion.  

He’s turned out to be as adaptable as I hoped. We go kayaking and he jumps in
and out of my kayak without coaxing, and likes water in general.
Robbie’s a good traveller and has made about four 6-hour trips down to 
Wilmington, DE.  

Mostly he’s interested in other dogs and loves to run and rough house with them.
From the time that I’ve had Robbie, I’ve taken him on long walks where there
are sure to be other dogs. Kirvin Park, Lake Onota, and Kennedy Park.

Robbie responds to whistle commands and I seldom put him on a leash, altho the
leash is always with us.  

He’s very attached to me and my friend, Martha, and her old dog. He’s not
terribly interested in people but is friendly enough. If a person will play with
him, he’s more responsive.  

Robbie hasn’t been sick a day and he is a strong dog who can run very fast for
his size. The vet pronounced him “very fit."

I wish that I had a photo of Robbie with me in the kayak. When I get one,
I’ll forward it to you.

Thank you for being such a good breeder, Kathy! I recommend
you all the time but most people in this part of the world want bigger
dogs. Still, one or two families seemed interested in getting a

I hope all is well with you, your family, and the Schnauzers.

Barbara Daelman
This is Emy at one year old, Roxy is her mother. I have to say she has the best personality.She has been great with our grandchildren and with everyone she meets. She spends a lot of time in laps. She is like a baby, loves to snuggle and follows me every where. We've taken your advice on food, vaccinations etc. and she seems to be thriving. She's also very smart and understands many many words. Keep doing what you're doing ,you have given us a special puppy! Take care. Marianne Fontana

Hi Kathy! 

Congratulations on the beautiful new addition, Zoey. Zach's last mini schnauzer was named Zoey, also. 

Stella is doing very well - she's very playful and loving. She has been a good girl. Potty training is going pretty well. She is sleeping through the night without issue. She generally holds it during the day while she's in her exercise pen. My family and Zach's have been taking the lunch shift for us so she isn't alone all day and they love it just as much as she does!

I signed her up for puppy school which starts on November 7th. It comes highly recommended by several friends. They also have a weekly free play which I think will be good to help socialize her. 

We also officially registered her with the AKC. Her paper name is "Stella Von Belle Reve." In the play/movie A Street Car Named Desire, where the name Stella is from, the family estate is called Belle Reve. It also means beautiful dream in French. Since Von is German for of/from, we thought it was creative and fitting for her. 

Here she was yesterday at lunch time hanging out outside with my sister. 

Enjoy your evening! 
Meredith & Zach (and Stella, too!

A little update.. Gracie is doing well, a very busy girl who loves her big brother.. she has started day care a few times a week with the puppy group and is loving it! Pamela
Hi Kathy,

MayBee is doing great! She is somewhat of a celebrity at the gym. You should follow Unleashed Fitness on FB as she makes more and more posts all the time. My members can't say enough about her wonderful temperament and in turn I sing the praises of Hemlock Schnauzer's. Such a good puppy! 

Alas as much as she loves the gym and her fitness family she is absolutely smitten wii her brother Moses. They play, play, play all the time. They are best of friends!! 

Thanks again Kathy! Hope all is well!


"MayBee" Britta/Finnigan pup
Time flies when I'm having fun! It's been 5 weeks since I've moved to New Hampshire. I love playing outside on the lawn with my friend Nash. I'm starting school this week. My family says I even get to play with other puppies there! The hairdresser (groomer) came to my house, and boy do I look handsome! On the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume. For now it's time to rest and relax (again). 

Love, Brutus
Gabby/Finnigan pup

Hi Kathy, thought I’d share a pic of Whiskey enjoying the snowy day yesterday. He completed the AKC STAR Puppy program in September and we are enrolled in basic obedience now. He’s doing great and we love him so much. He gets along with everyone, people, dogs and was even polite with the couple of cats that he’s met!

Giglio​ Family
Snowberry & Finnigan pup